What Daughters Wish Their Dads Knew About Them

Father’s Day 2017 was awesome!  A huge thank you to all of you that stopped by Barnes & Noble book signing and have listened to my recent podcasts and radio interviews.

Now that the excitement of Father’s Day 2017 has come and gone, I am focused on writing my next book for fathers and daughters.  The working title is Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Daughters! 

I am super excited about this project.  After having one book under my belt, I am able to focus more on the writing rather than the process.  I must admit, the second book has been a bit more challenging to write, mostly because I want to give dads the latest and greatest advice based on current research, my coaching experiences, and what is most relevant for our tween to teenaged daughters.

A few years ago, fellow blogger, Jonathan Holt asked his two teenage daughters this hypothetical question:

“What do you think your friends wish their dads knew?” 

 His daughters came up with some great ideas.

So, I thought I would adapt his question and ask for your help as I continue to seek out the best fatherhood information for the dads who read my next book.

If you are willing to help me out, please click the appropriate link below:

Dads, click here:  Dads, would you be willing to ask your tween or teenage daughter what they wish you knew about them?

Moms, click here:  Moms, would you be willing to share what you wish your dad knew about you while you were a tween or teenager?   

 I would love for you to join me as I set out to write a book that will enable dads and daughters to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships!

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