Tide Turners Kids Summer Sizzler Program 

Guest Blog: Cardiff D. Hall

Now that your kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks, you might be hearing a few, “I’m bored,” “I don’t know what to do,” or “I’m already tired of doing that,” comments from your kids.

If you, like me, are looking for creative ways to slow down the “summer slide” from school with a fun and creative way to continue your children’s education, my friend and fellow author, Cardiff Hall, has the answer.

Cardiff Hall is an author, coach, and speaker. Recently, Cardiff’s book, Tide Turners, hit the shelves and has helped countless men and women take back control of their lives and achieve their life goals.

However, having a 7-year old of his own, he wanted to create a summer project for his own daughter.  In doing so, he realized that he could help serve other kids (and their parents) as well.

I will let Cardiff explain the rest! I hope to see you and your kids in the program soon! P.S. It’s absolutely FREE!

Tide Turners Kids Summer Sizzler Program (for kids ages 7-14)

Do you remember your summer as a child? Ok, it’s mostly like been some time ago however, take a moment to reflect back on your summers. I can remember riding my bike, of course without a helmet and leaving my house in the morning and returning home by dinner time. I had a small job on Friday’s washing a food vending truck and loved making my own money.

I’m sure when you grew up, there were not many distractions in the summer. Today, there is the internet, video games and other “shiny objects” which can draw kids into possible binge activities.

Now, if you did not have a computer with games, remember how fun it was to play all day? Well, not in my house, playing on the computer all day never occurred.

I agree summer should be about fun given school is out and I believe kids can still learn in activities they do, which will broaden their scholastic skills.

Earlier this year, my first book was published entitled: Tide Turners which helps individuals gain clarity, increase their joy and sustain achievement. Having a seven year old daughter it was apparent to me, kids can be Tide Turners!


So, for the past few months, I’ve been developing a Tide Turners Kids program, where they can utilize the summer to start their own business in seven days!

Here is how the program came to life. Click the link to hear about this amazing program – Summer Sizzler Program. If you’d like your child to be a part of this program visit the Summer Sizzler Program website.

My mission for the summer is to have kids all across the country startup their own summer business. In fact, I set a goal of having 500 kids participate in this program and be TIDE TURNERS KIDS!

Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Summer Sizzler Program overview:

  • Program is suited for kids ages 7-14 yrs. old.
  • Parent/Guardian will sign up to receive the seven day program.
  • Each day for seven days, the Parent/Guardian will receive an email with an activity to do with the child.
  • The activities will offer the child to think about a potential product or service based business and lead them through understanding the basics of running a business from concept to launch.
  • On day seven, the child is ready to launch their own business.
  • There will be a community on Facebook where Parents/Guardians can post and connect with other parents whose children are going through the program. This will be a place to share ideas, suggestions to help each other and support all Tide Turners Kids.

Being a parent to an active minded seven year old, she is excited about being a Tide Turners Kids and opening her business this summer.

Here are just a few benefits which can occur from participating in the program.

  • Child increases their math skills.
  • Child receives an understanding of how business works.
  • Increases bonding time with the child doing the fun activities
  • The child earns their own income and thus reduces what the Parent/Guardian spending
  • Child will set goals and works towards achieving their goals
  • Build confidence and self-esteem in the child
  • Creates a focus away from the electronic devices to building the mind

Earlier I shared my “huge goal” of having 500 kids participate in this program of being Tide Turners Kids. This isn’t possible without you sharing this with a friend, relative, a neighbor, co-worker, in mom /dad blog groups and other places.

Imagine having 500 or more kids being Tide Turners Kids this summer and you having a significant part in achieving this goal and allowing kids to dream, think and have fun creating their own business.

If you’d like specific posts/tweets to share, visit Swipe Copy to secure the swipe copy for the social media posts

I am personally looking forward to seeing what types of businesses are created by Tide Turner Kids this summer.

Summer is a wonderful time to explore, dream and have fun. Let’s work together and create a community of Tide Turners Kids!

PS: Here is the website for anyone to join the free  Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneur Summer Sizzler Program

FREE! 21 Parenting Tips To Navigate Your Kids Through the Video Game Maze

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