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If you haven’t already yet done so, please check out my book, Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons!



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Click YES! for a FREE copy of my Game Day 1 Checklist. This is a 2-page, easy-to-use checklist to make sure you cover all of the important topics with your son on Game Day!

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2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. I got your book for Christmas and I started to read it in February and I got so excited and convicted that I thought the whole men’s ministry would benefit from it so we are starting this book as part of the men’s ministry. The men will meet monthly and the sons will come with the dad’s bi-monthly and do one of the activities in the book all together.

    • David, I am so encouraged that your men’s ministry will be using Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons this year. My vision is that God’s message through my book connects with people all over the country. Your conviction is sparking this connection. I wish you and the dads and sons of your men’s ministry a deeper relationship with each other and with God! Matthew 5:14