Dad 2.0 Summit 2018

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As I sit down to reflect on my first Dad 2.0 Summit 2018 this year, I am overwhelmed with emotion as I think of all of the fun I had, all of the food I ate, and all of the friendships I formed–in only 2.5 days!

It all started off when I hopped in the #KiaDad Sorento car with a few guys from the City Dads Group from New York. How cool to meet the guys that helped start a national dad group.

Next, during the New Orleans photo tour, I met some dude who humbly told me, “I had a twitter account go viral.” He didn’t have much of a voice, but he sure nailed his Threenote on Saturday afternoon-@James Breakwell. During the photo tour, I also met the energetic and highly talented Andrew Tiu. Vlogging will never be the same again.

Every time I turned around, I was encouraged by all of the dads who were so passionate about being dads. Each one has his own niche: The Architechnologist-@Michael Kaufman, James Lopez of #FatherhoodisLit, Anthony Detrano from Vroom, the social media expert from Texas Tech University, Eric Rasmussen, PhD.

I had the opportunity to meet an adventurous young couple who gave up the corporate world to live life on the road, Ben and Rebecca from #TheFamilyFulfillmentProject.

I learned so much from meeting the guys from the City Dads Group, Brock Lusch from Cincy, Lance Somerfeld and Kevin McKeever from New York, Chris Brandenburg from the Twin Cities (MN), Jeff Tepper from Dallas, Darren W Carter from Cleveland, and many others. What an amazing group of dads! Thanks again for dinner, Lance and Matt!

So amazed by guys like Brandon Tijerina from Tyro, helping to turn tragedy into triumph. Guys like Perry Towle from Ungloo, helping modern dads with self-development and the Upleveling for Dads. Guys like Christopher Lewis, who crushed the Twitterverse table group with awesome resources made from a servant’s heart. Guys like Peter Gandolfo whose executive coaching gets to the heart of not only the executive but also the dad behind the executive.

Finally, it was great to finally meet Brandon Handley of Fatherhood for the Rest of Us, in person. Brandon’s passion to figure out this whole fatherhood thing is evident in his thoughts, his words, and his energy.

A huge thank you to the vision of Doug French, the guy with the hand-me-up shoes, John Pacini, Whit Honea, and the entire Dad 2.0 team for creating this wonderful, energetic, and much-needed space for dads to thrive!

See you all in San Antonio next year! Mark

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A Father’s F.I.G.H.T.

with Mark LaMaster

Presented by the
Rochester Area Fatherhood Network

Friday, September 22, 3-4 p.m.

Rochester MN Adult and Teen Challenge

Join local author, speaker, and parent coach, Mark LaMaster, as he equips and encourages dads through 3 real-life rounds of fatherhood.  Mark will share practical parenting tips that will help you through the ups and downs of being a dad.

Are you ready to step into the ring?

Reserve your spot today before the final bell!



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Date: September 22, 2017—March 18, 2018
Time: 3:00 pm
Event: A Father's F.I.G.H.T
Topic: Fatherhood
Sponsor: Rochester Area Fatherhood Network
Venue: Rochester MN Adult and Teen Challenge
(507) 288-3733
Location: 1530 Assisi Dr NW, Rochester, MN 55901
Rochester, MN 55901
Public: Public