5 Ways Single Moms can Celebrate Father’s Day!

As we approach Father’s Day 2017, so many of us look forward to this weekend of celebrating fatherhood. Whether it be our dad or celebrating our own fatherhood with our family, many of us are looking forward to Father’s Day.

But recently, I was asked a question I had never been asked before, and honestly had never even thought of before.

KROC-FM Radio Host Danielle Teal asked me a question that caught me a bit off guard–a true sign of an excellent host! Danielle asked me what advice I might have for Single Moms this Father’s Day.

As many of you know, I have been focusing my content almost exclusively on dads and how to develop deeper relationships with their kids. But Danielle, a Single Mom herself, pressed on, knowing firsthand that Father’s Day can be challenging for Single Moms.

So, I took what I have learned from my experience coaching dads, asking other Single Moms I know, and came up with 5 Ways Single Moms Can Celebrate Father’s Day!

Please know that I do not claim to be an expert on this topic, but felt convicted to answer this question as respectfully and as humbly as possible.

If you are a Single Mom or have a friend or family member who is, I would love to hear your thoughts on these 5 Ways or, better yet, share your own ideas!

I pray that this post might reach a Single Mom who is struggling with what to do this Father’s Day, and that one of the 5 Ways helps her to celebrate a day that may normally like to forget.

5 Ways Single Moms can Celebrate Father’s Day

Here is the post Danielle Teal shared on KROC-FM 106.9 Rochester, Minnesota

Mark LaMaster and I continued the conversation and discussed the dynamics of a single parent mother that might not have the father involved. He gave some great insight on how you can make the day special for your child and their father regardless of the circumstances. In the end what matters is the child’s happiness.

1. Celebrate your children’s dad by sharing the good memories, his good qualities, and which of his traits you see in your kids. This will honor him and show your kids that you appreciate fatherhood.

2. Rise above and honor your kids’ dad, even if the same was not done for you on Mother’s Day.

3. Point to the positive male role models in your children’s life. Celebrate this man, whether it be an uncle, family friend, grandpa, just as you would their own father.

4. Don’t go it alone! If you have joint custody and your kids are with their dads this Father’s Day, make sure to make plans of your own. Take advantage of this day, invite a friend or two, and do one thing that you wouldn’t be able to do with your kids at your side.

5. Do a “dad thing” together. If you don’t regularly do any of the following, try something that a dad might consider doing on Father’s Day. Take in a local baseball game, go fishing, or barbecue some ribs on the grill together. Make sure to let your kids know that all of these activities can be done with Mom as well!

A huge THANK YOU to Danielle Teal for asking me this tough, but necessary question, that I hope will help Single Moms this coming weekend!

Yes, I want to know more about video games and what I can do to help parent my kids!

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